The perimeter chassis gets its name from the frame rails as they follow the outer perimeter of the body. These cars are symmetrical from the centerline of the frame. This chassis is generally used in limited late model and spec late model competition.

Shown above with our popular Elite Clip with standard sway bar mount and rack bracket, this chassis also features our over the top tail section option. Check out the photo gallery above to see a limited late model perimeter chassis with some of our available options.

  • Paint or powder coat available
  • Optional down tubes to reduce flex
  • Standard bolt on bumpers
  • Standard adjustable roll center
  • Several panhard bar options
  • Squaring tabs for accurate car squaring
  • Stress relieved welds using vibratory stress relieving process
  • Optional 3 x 4 ballast bars
  • Optional ASA fuel cell plates
  • Many shock and spring options