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Bert Blue Magic Transmission Fluid

Bert Blue Magic Transmission Fluid

SKU : 062-4444275
Special formulation created specifically for Bert and Falcon transmission with internal wet clutch



-Special formulation created specifically for Bert & Falcon 2 speed transmissions with internal wet clutch / material facing design.

-Proprietary additives work together with the aggressive racing clutch material facings to safely increase “bite” while continually cleansing the pressure plate areas.

-Decreases clutch slippage, varnishing and sticking while increasing overall shifting performance and service life.

-PolyX technology helps maintain proper hydraulic fluid viscosity between the clutch disk plates for increased and consistent clutch pedal performance.

-Reduces the common “whine” which comes from high RPM clutch / spline shaft vibration, harmonic and surface contact area distortions.

-Synthetic chemistry with anti-wear technology; reduces internal parasitic drag, provides cooler temperatures and smoother operations. While protecting shafts, gears and bearings with increased durability and transmission life.

Typical Properties:

Bert Blue Magic Racing 2 Speed Transmission Fluid
SAE Grade: 10
Viscosity cSt @ 40ºC: 32
Pour Point: -49°F
Flash Point: 450°F