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Complete refurbished offset chassis updated to 2017 specs for sale

Complete refurbished offset chassis updated to 2017 specs for sale

Complete refurbished offset chassis updated to 2017 specs for sale:

Are you looking to upgrade to a newer chassis? Or maybe looking to make a switch from another brand?

This refurbished Port City Racecars roller is the chassis you have been looking for. What we did was take a trade in chassis, stripped it, installed new front and rear clips and completely updated it to 2017 specs, and then bolted on a combination of used and new parts to save you money. Then we completely assembled, squared, aligned and bumped the race car to save you time and labor. You will never find a better used/refurbished chassis than this one.




* Port City Racecars offset chassis completely refurbished and updated front to rear to 2017 specs, stripped and re-powder coated satin black, right side door bar assembly, complete new interior, collapsible steering column and bell crank gas pedal assembly.
* Double spline sway bar assembly with clamp on frame mounts
* Complete 5x5 2017 front suspension package
* Sweet integrated steering rack
* Both left and right tie rod assemblies
* Wilwood SL front calipers and SL rear calipers with brake pads and rotors (calipers are brand new)
* Wilwood pedals with Wilwood masters (all new)
* All new brake lines
* Fire extinguisher system
* MSD ignition system
* Complete 3-link rear suspension kit, multi position LR & RR
* Adjustable panhard both left and right
* NEW Winters sprint rear end with LW steel tubes and cambered pins, gun drilled axles and a brand new locker.
* 5x5 rear hub assemblies with drive plates
* ATL 15 gallon ultra-light bantam fuel cell with over flow check valve, fuel line and filter
* 4, Bassett wheels


Do not hesitate, A car we built like this sold within 10 hours last time. If you’re interested please call or email ASAP.

For more info please call Port City Racecars at 231-767-8586 or email info@portcityracecars.com