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Travel Simulator

Travel Simulator

Port City Racecars is proud to introduce The Travel Simulator.

We have researched, developed, and are now manufacturing an affordable tool to simulate the travel of our race cars at full travel as if on the track at full speed.

This is great tool for setting all bump stops and checking dynamic suspension angles in your own shop. Can set all valance heights and also check for any body interference issues before you go to racetrack. Unit can be broken down in minutes and shared with another racer in his garage. Can be transported in a pickup to the next location very easily.



The Travel Simulator allows you to visually see and adjust according to the following information:
* Set bump stop heights
* Set camber at full travel
* Check for suspension bind
* Check sway bar alignment
* Simulates tire squash
* Fender clearance
* Valance height
* Actual wheel loads at the tire
* Dynamic trailing arm angles
* Dynamic 3rd link angles
* See where your rear end moves to in full travel
* See rear steer changes
* See wheel Base changes

The $350 shipping = a $100 crate charge and $250 shipping estimate.
Please contact Port City Racecars for a true shipping estimate to your race shop.