The PHASE II Late Model is a brand new, ground up build for Port City Racecars.  The car’s design intent is to provide a wider racing envelope thus eliminating the cumbersome task of hitting the ideal setup which at times can be elusive.


Hand drawings turned into a working CAD led to machined pieces and CNC bent material.  Assembled by hand, chassis #001 was completed in November 2021 and provided positive results in the early part of ‘22.  Manufacturing efficiencies were gained throughout 2022 with a goal of producing a product at the highest level of quality and craftsmanship while maintaining a competitive price for a broader group of customers.


PHASE II represents the latest technology that is available today and has been tested on track and using simulation.  As PCR observes the actions of professional motorsports at the top levels, this car has been created in anticipation of more racers finding their place at local short tracks across the country and we want to arm them with the most capable race car that we know how to build.


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