Our Approach To A Racing Team

A vital component to our success is our performance on track. Every product we produce and/or sell are the same components that can be found in the race vehicles driven by our Team PCR drivers.  We never stop tinkering.  We never stop learning.  We are always trying to find a competitive advantage and when we do, we pass that onto our team drivers and customers alike.

All of our PCR chassis and suspension components are built in-house by talented fabricators that have been building race cars most of their lives.  We are fortunate to be able to tap into the talent pool of skilled craftsman here in Race City USA, Mooresville, NC.

Once our chassis and parts are in the hands of our customers, we continue to provide valuable knowledge when it comes to assembly, setup and race prep…all our customers need to do is ask or follow our social media platforms as much of our content is focused at arming people with quality information that will help them perform at optimum levels.

Team PCR

As professional motorsports continues to evolve and change, it is of the utmost importance to us to build an environment for our customers to thrive in. Through the Team PCR platform, we are able to highlight PCR drivers across the country that are racing and winning with our equipment. The talented drivers that makeup our Team PCR are:

Mike Hopkins - Hermon, Maine

Bubba Pollard - Senoia, Georgia

Johnny Clark - Farmingdale, Maine

Team PCR Partnership Opportunities

Given our unique position within asphalt short track racing, we are able to offer select partnership opportunities for large and small companies alike. Please feel free to review the information contained in the "Partnership Opportunities" link below. We look forward to hearing from you.