LE Wheel Bearing Grease

LE Wheel Bearing Grease

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Multifunctional grease designed for exceptional mechanical stability, excellent extreme pressure and high temperature capabilities. Won't wash off, pound out, or melt and run, even with extended service in severe conditions.

-Very tacky

-Excellent water resistance

-Will not pound out

-Rust and corrosion inhibited

-Extremely versatile

-Excellent oxidation resistance and rust protection

-Great oxidation stability and longer life, does not "work down" in service

-High dropping point

-Good heat reversion

-Does not harden on aging, easily pushed out by fresh grease

-Timken OK load of 70 lbs

-Bearing life may be extended up to three times with cooler operation

-Reduces downtime and maintenance labor because of smooth, cool performance

-Works great for chassis, wheel bearings, U-joints