Penske 7" 7500 Series Rebound Adjustable Shock

Penske 7" 7500 Series Rebound Adjustable Shock

013 PS-7500COSA-7
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The 7500 series coil over shock (single adj) provides the versatility of multiple adjustment options without the use of an external reservoir. Like all Penske Racing Shocks, the 7500 is easily adjustable and revalvable.

Options include Single Adjustable that can tune rebound, compression, or combination of both.

Penske Advantages

-Hard Chromed Steel Shaft Provides Strength and Low Friction
-Durable Aluminum Components are Lightweight
-Easily Adjustable – 40 Clicks of Compression and Rebound Allow Fine Tuning for Varying Track Conditions (Double Adjustable Option)
-Revalvable – A Variety of Pistons and Shim Stacks Provide Unlimited Customization
-Easily upgrade able piston and shaft options available