Ultra-Duty™ Starter (Reverse Mount / Reverse Rotation) for Alum. & Mag. Bellhousings

Ultra-Duty™ Starter (Reverse Mount / Reverse Rotation) for Alum. & Mag. Bellhousings

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Ultra–Duty™ Starters

Many racers buy inferior starters in hopes of saving money. As a result, failures are a common problem for both street enthusiasts and racers at the track. Ultra-Duty™ Starters are hand assembled and engineered with high-quality parts, which makes them a more durable, reliable component that will save you money in the long run by outlasting several cheap models.

Made with premium components that are blueprinted, assembled and tested at the Quarter Master® facility, these starters are available for popular Chevy, Ford or Dodge applications. Every 1.4kW unit includes gear-reduction engineering for increased torque, a CNC-machined adapter mount for precise flywheel fit and a unique pinion gear with a lightweight head to enable tighter tolerances in run-out for efficient flywheel engagement. These starters also utilize a heavy-duty solenoid and ball bearing construction that withstands the temperatures and demands of high-compression engines.

  • Designed for radical street & race engine applications

  • Massive 1.4kW of cranking power easily starts high compression engines

  • Heavy-duty solenoid & bearing assembly to endure harsh operating conditions & high temperatures

  • Adapter mounts locate pinion gear for accurate fitment

  • Every hand-assembled Ultra-Duty™ Starter is fully dynoed & performance certified



    • Reverse Mount

    • Reverse Rotation

    • Fits Aluminum & Magnesium Bellhousings